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Specification:Execuse me, First I just want to try to Introduce About Landscape In Your Sight…

Depend on issus About Global Warming.
It is a PROBLEM right now, why can’ t we make it simple from a small thing first… .

And LANDSCAPE is a Solution in our neighborhood.
We make it Easy and Simple…
Cause we have to Design and Built from begin untill finish…
And you can feel it better..

And We might also help Design Restored Wetlands, Mountain Resorts, Urban Plazas, and Zoos.

A Landscape Architect have talent for both the Aesthetic and the Functional, the Art and the Science… …
We' re create an Ecosystem that must thrive Over Time that make our environment balance between building and green area… .

Actually in every modern building needs a modern Landscape too, and of course follows the style of the building… ..

So Landscape is not looklike a traditional garden and can match the athmosphere of neighborhood…
Like your Office Tower, Apartment, Factory, Hospital, School, Supermarket, especially your Home need a little touch of Landscape to make good quality of living… … .
We can make it proportional between indoor and outdoor and the building it self…

Also can create in many style of Landscape like Tropical Landscape, Mediteranian Landscape and many more… … .

Because Landscape is an Environment Architecture…

So We want to introduce you about Landscape, Like :

- Landscape Planning
- Landscape Design
- Landscape Redesign
- Landscape Development
- Landscape Education
- Landscape Plan Map
- Landscape Concept Design of New Facilities
- Landscape Budget, etc
How it is So Important before you have a plan for your Land..

And also the element of Landscape beside trees, like :

Softscape : Palms, Trees, Shrubs, Groundcover,
Exotic Plants, Turfing, Soiling, etc.
Hardscape : Sculpture, Artificial Rock, Natural Stone,
Decorative Wall, etc.
External Lighting : Design and Build.
Waterscape : Fountain, Waterfall, Swimmingpool,
Pond, etc.
Maintenance : Hotel, Apartment, Office Building,
Residence garden, etc.

The Details Like :
- Swimming Pool
- Water Fall
- Water Fountain and Miniatur River
- Pergolas
- Gazebo
- Pedestrian Way, Bollard and Plant Box
- Jogging Track and Bicycle Track
- Children Play Ground
- Garden Lamp and Garden Sign
- Parking Area and Specific Carport
- Sclupture
- Rest Area
- Gate and Fence, etc.

It make the Land not just Beautiful, also the function it self… ..

Beside many Trees, we have a lot of Material of Landscape like Natural Stones, which make your garden like in the Nature and of course we may supply around Indonesia, like :

- Andesite Cirebon and Tulungagung ( Black, Gray & Green)
- Paras Jogja ( White) , Paras Bali ( Grey) and Candi ( Black)
- Sukabumi ( Green and Cream) And Tasik ( Pink)
- Granite ( Black and Green)
- Pacitoroso ( Orange) and Javaroso ( Red)
- Templek Purwakarta ( Gray) , Garut ( Black) , Salagedang( Gray) .

So We can help you in your Company, Home, Friends, Relationship, or Family that live in Indonesia or not in Indonesia as A Consultant or Partner or maybe in a new Bisnis or Division later..

We sincerely hope that this contact will lead us to a real cooperation, mutually profitable to both sides. However, if you need further information please do not hasitate to contact us.
By The Way, For more Information you can Call us at :
Ariestio : + 628562255378 and + 622199994378
And our social web at : http: / / www.garishijau.multiply.com or
Email at garishijau@ gmail.com

I hope this Small Messages make you wake up and respect about Our Environment..
Before doing the bigger we have to start from the little first..

And I just say thank you for your attention…
See you soon…

Best Regards


Company Contact
Name:Mr. Ariestio [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:+628562255378
Phone Number:+628562255378
Fax Number:+622199994378
Address:Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan No.9
Jakarta Utara 14240, Jakarta
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